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Sculpture Emboss Die

Foil Colors

Sculptured Combination

Different Types of Embossing Processes

Blind Embossing – is any embossed image which involves no registration to a printed image or a foil stamp image.

Register Embossing – is any embossed image that relatively or exactly registers to a printed image or a foil stamp image. Please note: depth of a register emboss will be limited due to inks inability to stretch with the paper fibers.

Debossing – is an image that goes below the actual paper level or is sunk into the paper. This process can also be either blind or registered.

Combination Foil Stamp Emboss – this process accomplishes foil stamping and embossing all in one press pass. HOWEVER it is very important to note:

  1. The entire embossed image must also be fully covered by the foil.
  2. The embossed image must be slightly rounded in order to get the foil to adhere completely.

Foil Stamp & Register Emboss – is accomplished in two press passes. This is the only way we can bevel emboss a foil stamped image, or emboss only specific parts of a foil stamped area.

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