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Sculpture Emboss Die

Foil Colors

Sculptured Combination

Basic Foil Colors

There are three standard types of foils we use on a day to day basis.

  • Tint foils – not opaque and add just a hint of color (similar to a halftone)
  • Metallic foils – are generally very opaque and come in a wide range of colors
  • Pigment foils – are not completely opaque and are available in many colors

Specialty Foils. It is very important to know at the time of estimating if one of these foils will be used, as the pricing of them can be up to seven times more expensive than standard foil. These foils include metallized holographic, clear holographic and other special effect foils.

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Laser Printers and Foil Stamping

Foil manufacturers have not come up with a laser compatible foil that they will guarantee to work. There are too many variables from machine to machine, heat being the major obstacle, as most lasers run anywhere from 300 to 410 degrees. We have found some things to help, however we will not guarantee your final product through the laser printer.

  • Small thin images tend to work best – avoid large solid areas
  • Try to stay with the more common foils – metallic golds and silvers give us a wider variety of releases to work with.
  • ALWAYS RUN TEST BEFORE ACTUAL PRODUCTION – Supply us with 50 sheets of stock and requested foil color. We will run two different foils for your customer to test through their laser printer and evaluate for workability. Very important for your customer to run test sheets in same mode as actual usage. We will keep you updated as to any developments of laser approved foils.

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