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Sculpture Emboss Die

Foil Colors

Sculptured Combination

Materials We Need to Produce Your Project:

  • A purchase order stating quantity plus specified overs and any special instructions (i.e. press checks, foil color, scores, etc.).
  • Artwork provided electronically, preferably via vector based Adobe Illustrator (eps or pdf).
    • Make separate layers / files for each process, as each process will be done with separate dies. Be careful that the art is representative of the image that will be impressed with foil, embossing or cutting.
    • If you are printing in a multiple-up format, the artwork should match the printed format.
    • On multi-level or sculptured dies, artwork must show detail to determine the different depths of the image.
    • Please send images with text (font) in outlines.
  • A matchprint, dylux, proof or some other layout that shows position of the image. (Can be sent electronically.)
  • If the die is registered to printing, that fact should be indicated.
    Sheet Layouts for Register Foil Stamping or Embossing
    • Any time we will be registering to ink with foil or embossing it is very important to tuck the images as close to the gripper and guide as possible. By pulling into the gripper/guide, the effects of sheet shrinkage and buckling (which cause misregistration) are minimized.
    • In projects with tight registration, make sure the leave the printer’s original gripper and guide intact. Do not cut away original gripper and guide or cut a multiple-up sheet to a smaller format. To maintain registration we need the printer’s original gripper and guide.
    • Confirm the feasibility of a layout by faxing a copy before stripping into final press layout.

Other Facts